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Independence Day Special: The Invisibles Produced by WhiteBalance

  • Friday, August 14, 2015 5:40PM IST (12:10PM GMT)
New Delhi, Delhi, India: While we celebrate 68 years of Independence from the British, there are 14 million Indians who don't understand what that means. These are those Indians who live a life of modern slavery.  


​ A 2014 report by the Global Slavery Index states that India leads the world in the number of people living a life of slavery. 

While films usually entertain, sometimes they serve as an eye-opener. They can address problems; issues which we, as a society, are sometimes blissfully unaware of.

A few months ago, over a raging brainstorming session, we stumbled across this story that just needed to be told. What started as a quest to put together a film that could integrate a creative concept, cutting-edge graphics with a powerful script finally came together as a short but emotional narrative that promises to make your heart heavy. 

The Invisibles, as the film is titled, is about those Indian citizens who are denied the basic right to freedom, even after 68 years of having obtained freedom.

While not many of us are aware of them or their plight, they exist amongst us. We encounter these unfortunate individuals, across the country, young and old, but we choose to turn a blind eye to their existence, which is why they still remain Invisible.

Ivan Lewis, the Creative Director at White Balance says, “This film is the collective voice of 14 million slaves that we have in the country .When I first got briefed to make a film that would showcase our in-house graphics capabilities, there were so many fantastic stories that rushed through my head. I mean it is computer graphics, so why stick to reality or real issues, for that matter. But I really love the end result. If my teams’ combined talent could be used to make the world a better place, while show-casing our creative capabilities, then why not?”

A question I was asked often was why a commercially driven film production house would choose to invest capital and team energy towards a public service film. Telling stories and creating brand engagement content that delights is what we usually do at White Balance. It’s not often that one gets to tell stories about people who buy those brands. In this case, we are highlighting the people who are unable to do even that. Those, who are not part of the Indian dream, but would love to be. I hope this film opens both eyes as well as hearts and encourages more Indians to acknowledge this country as a whole and not just the privileged few.

There could be no better time to tell this story than now, as we get ready to celebrate our 69th year of Independence. Our National Pledge cites that “in the well-being & prosperity of all Indians, lies our individual happiness” it’s time we act and show that we really mean it. 


Video Caption: Invisible India

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